To: Dear Highly Potential e-Book Writers,

Discover how you can write and sell your 1st e-Book from scratch….. Yes!
I certainly believe that you can do it!

What you will get?

I will show you the practical ways in writing and selling your 1st e-Book in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else as you choose to.

I am not trying to categorize where you fit in here, but most probably you’ll fall into one of the following groups:

  • Full time / part time employee,
  • Still looking for a job,
  • Home maker,
  • Still studying,
  • Already retired,
  • Motivated to have your own business,

and you need an additional income. This is your golden opportunity and the right time for you to achieve your ambition / dream.

My 41-page e-Book “How to Write Your First e-Book” has the following contents:

  • Advantages of Producing an e-Book
  • How to Choose e-Book Topics That Sell
  • How to Determine Target Market for Your e-Book
  • How to Write Your e-Book
  • How to Format Your e-Book
  • How to Decide Distribution Channel for Your e-Book
  • How to Set the Price for Your e-Book
  • How to Market Your e-Book
  • Why Your First e-Book Must Sell

Each chapter elaborates on what you should cover in order for you to complete writing your 1st e-Book.

For example, in the chapter of “How to Choose e-Book Topics That Sell”, you will know at least four (4) categories that you can write on. You can choose to write on the category that you are familiar or comfortable with.

TIP: It goes without saying that you will need a good dictionary when writing your e-Book. I did refer to it from time to time. I used the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, New 8th Edition.

Please correct me if I am wrong. I have the feeling that you may be thinking / assuming that I do just compile the facts (or Googled) from the Internet in order for me to write this e-Book. Well, my simple answers are as follows:

To be honest with all of you, I do spend about an hour a day with my netbook to read what’s the latest in the Internet. This e-Book “How to Write Your First e-Book” was written, little by little, on a daily basis, after I did attend paid seminar / workshop / convention related to e-Book or Internet business, over a period of time, as follows:

Workshop Jutawan Internet (Internet Millionaire Workshop), December 2009. It was conducted by a well known Internet business figure, Mr Irfan Khairi, an entrepreneur as well as TV & Radio personality.

Konvensyen Dari Kosong Sampai Jutawan (From Zero To Millionaire Convention), January 2010.

Konvensyen Dari Kosong Hingga Jutawan (From Zero To Millionaire Convention)

Seminar Perniagaan e-Book (e-Book Business Seminar), January 2010.

Seminar Perniagaan e-Book (e-Book Business Seminar)

Workshop 8 Kaedah Kilat (8 Lightning Methods Workshop), March 2010

Workshop 8 Kaedah Kilat (8 Lightning Methods Workshop)

Having said that, I do strongly believe that the above can reflect my credibility in writing this e-Book, which was written with you (potential e-Book writers) in mind.

Besides that, I did also buy and read some books on the topic of Internet business, so as to deepen my knowledge on the subject matter.

Writing your first e-Book

Now, shall we talk about how much is your investment (in purchasing this e-Book)?

Writing your first e-Book

I am offering this “How to Write Your First e-Book” for RM20.00 (USD7.00).

Depending on where you live, you can make the payment through one of the following methods:

1. Payment by Bank-In

Please bank-in RM20.00 into my account:

  • Kamaruddin bin Hassan
  • Maybank Account Number: 1621 0682 0316
payment via maybank

2. Payment using PayPal

No Questions Asked & Money-Back Guarantee

  • I do strongly believe that this e-Book is one of the most affordable and meaningful information written by an e-Book writer for potential e-Book writers.
  • However, I do realize that this e-Book may not suit everyone, and thus for this reason, I do offer you a no-questions asked money back guarantee.
Money back guarantee
Author of Writing Your First e-Book

Kamaruddin Hassan
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Kamaruddin Hassan

Kamaruddin Hassan

P.S. You’ll be surprised at how straightforward and painless it is to apply all of these techniques in this e-Book.